Nightstand Organizer - Charging Station

Personalized Nightstand Organizer

Your everyday carry gear is precious. After all, it is comprised of¬†the tools¬†you‚Äôve carefully curated to haul in your pockets every single day. As such, it deserves respect and care ‚ÄĒ even when it‚Äôs built tough enough to survive the apocalypse. And, in our opinion, that extends to those moments after you‚Äôve gone home for the day and taken that gear out of your pockets for the evening.

Keep your EDC in one charging station:

Just like you, your EDC gear needs a place to rest when you’re not using this. Not only will this help to keep it safe, but it also serves to keep you more organized and able to reload your pockets at a moment’s notice for further adventure. But, rather than just tossing your everyday carry haphazardly onto a desk or countertop, we suggest picking up a personalized nightstand organizer: a designated, specified, countertop storage accessory designed for this exact purpose.